Badami Series

JMSMNI077 JMS Mani, Painting


48 × 36 in

Oil on Canvas

J.M.S. Mani (b. 1949) is an established artist who studied at the Ken School of Art, Bangalore. The simple, rustic folk of the Deccan Plateau in South India, with strong Dravidian features, are the subjects of J.M.S. Mani's paintings. His art is an amalgamation of Indian culture with Occidental Western formalism. His figures are modeled in three-dimensional form, with bold brushwork, similar in style to those of the impressionists. Mani has held solo shows since 1979 at Bangalore University; Kritika Art Gallery (1981,82); Regional Center, Chennai (1982);Lee Arthur Studio, New York (1994); Gallery Maya, Hong Kong (1995); Mall Gallery, London (1995); Switzerland - Graphics (1995). Mani's works are in many private and public collections in India and abroad such as Bangalore City Planetarium; Modern Art Gallery