KISHORK003 Kishore Kumar, Painting


36 × 24 in

Acrylic on Canvas

Painting about nature and its companions gives me utmost joy. In my artwork you will find creepers branches, flowers, falling leaves, and various other elements. All these elements can be seen in my painting in a intense assortment, within it one can see the varieties of leaves and its colours. Flower, buds, fruit and the nature companions such as spiders, bees, butterflies, etc. within my paintings. The colour, forms, lines, texture, Composition and the force can be seen which is entirely inspired by nature and its beauty. The feeling and emotion that I get form nature is in full peak when I am in the process of painting. Due to this in my painting one can see the creativity in full scale along with the expression of my emotions and thoughts. i like to work with various mediums such as, watercolour, oil, acrylic colour and drawings.