VINAIB015 Serigraph, Vinati Bhatt


12 × 12 in

Serigraphy Print on Paper

Discovery of India is the brainchild of Vinati Bhatt. The seed was sown in 2011 with her visit to the Taj Mahal. She wanted to carry a souvenir that reflected the beauty that her eyes saw and the heart captured, but sadly, she couldn’t, as the market was flooded with souvenirs which were not selective enough to represent the wonder. That instance inspired her to start a design series that captured the soul of places she visits and represent India with all its dignity and grandeur. Serigraphy was chosen as a medium of expression owing the technique lends a special character to the artworks. Also, it is a way of supporting the art of screen printing on paper, which is diminishing in the world of this digital era. Having 15 years of myriad experience in the fields of fashion, textiles and graphics, she puts her designs as a bridge between commercial design and art.