Radha Krishna

AMTBHR247 Amit Bhar, Painting


45 × 69 in

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar is a painter who paints real life seen through a romantic haze. The haze is quite often literally there in the paintings as a barely - there background, thus emphasising the main subject of the painting by virtue of sharp contrasts. Style wise, Amit Bhar belongs to the age of Romanticism rather than Realism. Romanticism flourished in the west in the early till middle of the 19th century. The essence of Romantic paintings is the idealism of its heroic subjects, the central theme – be it nature, a human being or an object. Thus in Amit Bhar’s paintings, the main subject, be it a woman, a saint or a temple on the Banaras ghaats, is raised to iconic heights by sheer grandeur of his meticulous skill. Emerging out of a hazy background like some old photograph, the woman, the temple or the solitary boat, pop out of the canvas surface with their palpably sensuous surfaces, to stun the viewer. His drawings too carry the same element of Romanticism about them where a rickshaw puller on the streets of Kolkata is glorified into a hero of communist idealism, depicted, again, in sharp contrast with the monuments and tall buildings that surround him. Amit was born in Hooghly Chinsurah (West Bengal) in 1973, and had wanted to draw and paint ever since he was a young boy.