HARIRAM009 Artists, Hriram V


24 × 24 in

Acrylic on Canvas

Hariraam is today an accomplished abstractionist who pursues pure non representational forms in his paintings. His artistic trajectory determined his visual language of abstraction in a remarkable suite of works titled "Enigmatic Staging of Indistinct Forms". Hariram, who initiated his forays into the world of art through landscapes and human imagery, evolved his vocabulary and language progressively until he arrived at his abstraction in 1999. The intensity of purpose and dedicated mission of persistent artistic quest for a visual language of pure abstraction found success and fulfillment in this recent suite of works. This series is autobiographical unfolding his journey, which led from his creative struggles, depressions, hallucinations, subconscious dreams like out of body experiences, intuitive guidance, soul searching, and perceptual experiences; in other words struggles that bore rich dividends of seeking and achieving ‘abstract’ success.